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Grassing the bare patches April Update Farm 3

16 May 2021 7:28 AM | Alex James (Administrator)

In this update Allan Spencer tells us what is happening at his demonstration plot. With sequential photos of each of the trial plots. Allan's update shows the changes that have occurred over the seasons.

The story continues .......

Some rain falls have continued over summer but it has definitely reduced.  April has been well below average.  All the plots browned off during summer and there were only a few hints of green.  I have noticed as we moved into autumn growth of some grasses on the plots which I assume are the mostly C4 type grasses. The ryecorn and crimson clover has sprung to life within the Common Improved and Variation 2 plots.  Variation 1 had very good germination originally in September / October and there is no evidence of any ryecorn or crimson clover germination in that plot.  Examination of the active crimson clover root system did show some nitrogen nodules.

With plenty of feed around the farm, the temporary fence seems to continue restricting native grazing and I have still not seen any Kangaroos or Wallabies etc on the demonstration plots.

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