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Grassing Bare Patches

Grassing Bare Patches is a citizen science demonstration on three small farms in the Capital Region. It ran from September 2020 to May 2022. The final open day was in May 2022.

This project is funded by the Australian Government through the National Landcare Program.

See the project blog.

Feral Animal Monitoring and Management

A series of three webinars and short videos will be produced covering feral predator control and monitoring and protecting poultry from predators. The webinars will be supported with online information. As part of this project, our members will be able to borrow wildlife cameras to monitor feral predators on their property. 

This project is supported by South East Local Land Services.

Read the project blog

Increasing Small Farms’ Resilience to Extreme Heat, Drought and Bushfires

We held a Small Farms and Climate Change Forum where the participants provided feedback about the types of things they need to learn to improve farm resilience in a challenging climate. The feedback from the forum guided the selection of topics for a series of practical workshops (or webinars) around the Capital region tailored to the needs of small farmers and delivered by subject matter experts. Summaries and fact sheets on our website will allow a wider audience to access the information.

You can access a full list of adaptation resources by using this link. 

You can read the Small Farms and Climate Change Forum Summary here

Our project was one of 23 projects from 148 applicants to be awarded a grant in the first round of projects through the Increasing Resilience to Climate Change (IRCC) Grants from the NSW Government.


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