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Farm 1 - The Control plot

28 Nov 2021 1:47 AM | Jennie Curtis (Administrator)

The Control plot gave a good basis for comparing different treatments. The year of the trial turned out to be exceedingly wet so more grass grew on the Control plot (but not as much on some of the treatment plots).

In October 2020 the herbage mass on the Control plot averaged 875kg DM/ha (kilograms of dry matter per hectare). At the same time, a good patch nearby measured 3500kg DM/ha.

The photos show what happened.

October 2020 - Control plot  pegged out ready to start trial. 

The good patch in September 2020 for comparison.

January 2021 after mowing the dry grass with the flail mower. This was the only intervention for this plot during the trial.

Here is the good patch after mowing in January 2021 for comparison.

February 2021 when we measured herbage mass (580-824 kgDM/ha).

July 2021 when herbage mass measured 1350 kg DM/ha even though the longer grass was very dry and the green grass was super short.

November 2021 when we measured herbage mass and took soil test samples. Even though the grass looks long and green, there is very little forage value here for our sheep.

The good patch in November 2021 for comparison with more forage value despite being outside stock exclusion fence.


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