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Farm 1 - V2 Lime, ripping and green manure

28 Nov 2021 2:51 AM | Jennie Curtis (Administrator)

Variation 2 (V2) was based on observations that on other parts of the farm, the grass grew better in drought along riplines along contour used for establishing shelter belts.

For the trial, the riplines were only approximately 200mm deep and space approximately 1m apart since the ground was extremely hard when they were installed.

The lime was installed at the same rate as for other plots but applied mainly along the riplines.

Crimson Clover and Ryecorn was broadcast on the surface as a green manure in Spring 2020. Cowpeas and millet were broadcast as a green manure in Summer 2021 just before mowing.

September 2020 with riplines, lime and green manure applied.

January 2021 after mowing with the flail mower.

February 2021 when herbage mass was measured as 1041 kgDm/ha across the plot.

July 2021 when herbage mass was measured as 1296 kgDm/ha. Greener plant material was clearly visible along the riplines.

November 2021 when soil test samples and herbage mass were taken. The Crimson Clover has reseeded along the riplines.


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