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Farm 1 - V3 Lime and superphosphate

28 Nov 2021 3:05 AM | Jennie Curtis (Administrator)

Variation 3 (V3) was selected as a demonstration of a more conventional agricultural approach to improving soil. It turned out that the initial soil tests showed that Phosphorus was unlikely to be a limiting factor on the site so application of superphosphate is unlikely to have had much impact.

Lime (Aglime250 Superfine) was applied to the surface at rate of 150g/m2 (equivalent to 1.5 tonne/ha).

Superphosphate (SuPerfect) was applied at rate of 12.5gm2 (equivalent to 125kg/ha).

September 2020 after application of lime and superphosphate.

January 2021 after the dry grass was mown with the flail mower.

February 2021 when herbage mass was measured as 703 kgDM/ha which was quite similar to the Control Plot.

July 2021 when herbage mass was measured as 1361 kgDM/ha. Again this was similar to the Control Plot.

November 2021 when soil test samples and herbage mass were taken. There is little fodder value in this plot.


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